Sunday, 29 January 2012


‘I have no time’ is the number one excuse for not doing the things we love doing. It’s a poor and widely used excuse. I understand that we are all very busy working and doing the day to day chores that life throws at us and that it appears as if there's no time. There's always time. There is an easy solution that may not be music to your ears but it works.  Set the alarm clock one hour earlier than usual.  Getting up daily very early is one of the most important traits of success in business and life according to Robin Sharma, author of ‘The leader who had no title’ and ‘The Monk who sold his Ferrari’.  In fact, Robin encourages us all to set our clocks at 5.00a.m. and he’s right. It sounds difficult, but it’s easier than you might  believe. It’s just a habit, a good habit.  What you get when you get up earlier than your peers is uninterrupted valuable time for doing the things that matter most.

This morning I got up at half past five. I dedicated 30 minutes of focused time to my hobby, writing. I wrote 400 words. If I do that every day, five days a week (giving myself two rest days each week) for a year I will give myself 130.5 hours of extra time to do what I love.  If I focus on my writing during this time and write 400 words each day I will write 104,400 words. That's a book!

What one thing could you do with this extra time? Exercise, plan your day, write, meditate, read a book, or focus on your hobby. You will simply get good at what you love.

Drop the monkey business, get up and give yourself some extra 'you' time.

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