Wednesday, 4 January 2012


What if we didn’t turn to our Government to solve the economic crisis in Ireland and what if we could put the country in the hands of the young and unemployed? Maybe they would do a better job than most if given direction and opportunity. Maybe they would move faster and get results. Today I spoke with Phil James, director of the Granary Learning Centre about motivating the young unemployed people, and to use their energy to get Ireland moving once again. Phil's message is exciting. it's all about taking responsibility. He talks solutions. He speaks about keeping the talent in Ireland. He talks about the want for change. The youth that want to work and want to learn. They have ideas. They have energy. It needs to be gathered and focused. They have the experience of being in a comfortable place where they’re not too happy. It's not us and them anymore. It's 'We' as a collective. We want to see the light. 

Drop the Monkey Business and let’s do it ourselves. Let's change and remake Ireland. Let's show the world a better model that they can follow.

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