Monday, 2 January 2012


We all like to do some spring cleaning every once and a while, throwing out unwanted items that are collecting dust, rearranging the files on the laptop or simply getting rid of the outdated books on the shelf. This is a great practice, especially after the new year. You throw out the old, and make space for the new. It works. You will actually feel lighter after going through the process. There will be less material goods that you don’t use staring you in the face. What most of us don’t do is an emotional clearout. We meet people every day with whom we form emotional connections. Some people we fall in with and build great relationships, others we fall out with, but still hold onto the emotional attachment of that person or situation. You need to look at this. Work with this if you wish to succeed.  To focus on the material things and not the mind is like putting petrol in the car but never checking or putting in the oil. You must mind the mind to experience true success. This is one simple exercise to help you do your emotional clear-out. Do it now, wherever you are. It will take twenty seconds. You don’t have to close your eyes, (read the instructions first, of course!) but if you are in a safe place, it’s more relaxing to shut the eyes for a moment. Just relax and take three deep breaths. Inhale right into wherever you feel the most tension in your body and exhale all the tension right out. Tell yourself that you are letting go. In the same way that you throw out the items you don’t want when spring cleaning you don’t have to hold onto any tension in the body. It is actually easier than you may think to break the links. Imagine yourself with hundreds of cords attached to your body and going out into the distance. These cords represent all emotional connections that you have with others. Now imagine taking a scissors in your right hand. Cut all the chords of emotional interference. Cut every one of them until there is none left. Now feel the lightness and the freedom.  You will think clearly after doing this. It's that simple. This is a great short exercise to do before going into a meeting. It clears the head and gets you focus. Do this every morning. It’s a great way to start the day. Emotions that don’t belong to you can hinder progress in your life. With a clear mind you will feel so  much lighter that you will fly to wherever you are going. So, when you do this daily make sure you reach for the stars because you’ll more than likely get there.

Drop the Monkey business and rid the mind, body and soul of unwanted negative emotional intrusions.

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