Wednesday, 1 February 2012


I'm a creature of habit and I normally don't change easily from my regular routines. Sometimes it feels like too much effort or that I might not enjoy something different, but every now and then I prove myself wrong. I prove that change is worth the risk. The risk of finding that something new far out weighs the risk of being stuck in a groundhog day scenario. When you work hard, it's always good to reward yourself with a lovely bite to eat in a nice restaurant.  I know I'm talking about food, but taking a risk and allowing change to enter your life or business is all part of the dressing in my blog today! There's nothing better than discovering a new great place to have lunch. That's what happened to me today when my brother invited me to lunch at Lunares, a Spanish Tapas restaurant in my hometown. We took the risk, sampled a new dining experience and the rewards were good for all. The food was beautiful, the staff were really friendly and the value was in everything; the food, the service, the place and the people. It's rare to find these kind of food havens that tick all the boxes and more. They didn't just do as expected in this restaurant, they went the extra mile. The chef and owner came out and spoke with every client. The chef even entertained the customers with a traditional Spanish song and demonstrated a Spanish dance. The restaurant was full. The customers were amazed.  It was so good that I decided  to use my creativity and give them something small. I returned later that evening and made this little promo video clip using my flip camera as a token of my gratitude.

I got a few little lessons from my lunch at lunares. It's good to change the regular routine. It's good to take risks. It's good to taste something new. It's good to embrace change and it's always good to give.

Drop the Monkey business and prove to yourself that a change in your regular routine is worth the risk.

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