Tuesday, 7 February 2012


As you can see from the picture, I’m no expert when it comes to dressing for business. Yes, you could say I am expressive and that I have a fun way of dressing, but when it comes to business will that get you the customer? I’m comfortable in my choice of clothing but are the clients comfortable looking at me? I believe you need a balance when dressing in business. Yes my personality shined through on the day this photo was taken, however I didn't see the miss-match until I seen the photo : red, pink and blue and a purple umbrella thrown in for luck!

I felt I'd be on fire  going into meetings , but really, who’d take me serious (besides myself!) at work?  Today I decided to take a call to action. I went to Born, a local clothing store to meet up with  Delilah, International Fashion Stylist and Personal Shopper for some basic tips in dressing for business.

In business, it’s great to look good. When you look good you feel good. It can give you more confidence when you are interacting with other people, especially at work. I believe it should matter more what we do as oppose to what we wear, but at work, in meetings and when we go for interviews it is important to give attention to our appearance. What you wear can leave a lasting impression on people. 

Drop the monkey business and dress for success 

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