Tuesday, 28 February 2012


Anousheh Ansari built a computer technology firm from the ground up, which eventually realized a net worth of $750 million and ultimately allowed her to achieve her childhood dream of spaceflight. When she was in space looking back at the planet Earth she confirmed what she already knew and applied to her life and business success. She had seen that there were no lines separating the land. There are no borders between countries. To know that you are not cornered into any one spot in the world is a great asset to any person in business. Only fear stops us from moving and growing our business out of the geographical location where we are based.

Today I met with Owen O’Malley, founder and CEO of TICN.  With the same belief as Anousheh Ansari, Owen grew his business idea from a thought to a business now operating in 34 countries and in 12 different languages and all from a remote village in the most north-westerly part  of Ireland.

Owen’s message is simple. Think big and think Global. Through the rapid advances of technology our business products can be seen and bought anywhere in the world no matter where we are based. We no longer have to be with the customer in a shop or an office. All you need is a laptop, a website, a PayPal account and belief in yourself and your business.

Drop the Monkey Business and start thinking big

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