Tuesday, 6 March 2012


I just finished reading Richard Branson’s book called” Screw it, let’s do it”. From the word go Richard really shines with great ingredients that make a good business person. He has a lot of fun. He’s full of enthusiasm. He’s not afraid of failure and he believes in possibilities. The best business people in the world have failed one hundred times before they had their success story. Success can almost always be defined by one’s willingness to fly in the face of fear and take risks that others may see as silly, dangerous, a waste of money or time. People that take risks have belief not only in the person that they are, but in the possibility of their vision or dream becoming a reality. This is where all logic and reasoning goes out the window and so it should. In my world everything is possible. The only thing that limits possibility is the fear of such possibilities manifesting themselves. Stop fearing the outcome that you don’t wish to have so that you can allow the best of you to glow.  Put simply, fear the worst case scenario and you’ll end up with the worst case scenario, so push the possibilities of what you want and not what you don’t want.  Believe in yourself and your ideas. Be more like Richard!

Drop the Monkey Business and push the possibilities.

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