Friday, 23 March 2012


No matter what business you are in seek the experience from creative industries. Look for inspiration within inventive sources such as artists, musicians and painters.. A few weeks ago I did just that. I had the opportunity to chat to legendary songwriter Dana Cooper. I asked Dana about the changing industry, what young musicians dreaming of making it in music need to look at and what these musicians and other people with dreams be  in life or business can do to take the first steps. The great ideas can come from the most unusual places and the music industry is one of those interesting places that has a lot of creative people with inspirational nuggets. Dana is one such person.

Dana has over 40 years of song writing, performing and life experience and is equipped with a wealth of solid practical information about what it takes to be a working songwriter. He has recorded 22 albums, worked with 2 major record labels, several independent labels and discovered how to thrive as an independent artist. After seeing Dana play live more than once and interviewing him I can only say that this musician has great wisdom to share in business and life.

After talking to Dana Cooper the take-homes I received for myself were to set goals, decide if it’s a way of life or a living, and tap into the new worldwide distribution channels  on the internet such as YouTube, FaceBook,  and Twitter. 

Drop the Monkey Business and seek out your creative mentor.

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