Tuesday, 3 April 2012


Today I spoke to Mairead Heagney , creator of Aonacht, about how we sometimes let the flame of the best business ideas blow out.  She explained to me how fear impacts these creative ideas from the very beginning. 

How many times have you thought of a great idea to advance your business, career or life but it fell through at the starting line. What went wrong? What is the ingredient that successful people tap into in order to put life and energy into their ideas and make them work? I believe there is nothing to lose in life and only much to gain. There are two choices you can make when you get a great idea. You can act on it and just go for it or you can do nothing and watch somebody else make good of the very thing you thought of in the first place. Libby Gill has a great book to help with this very subject called “You Unstuck” where she shares different keys to overcoming the very fear that stops us  from getting to where we want to be in life.

Drop the Monkey business, let go of your fears & go for your dreams

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