Saturday, 7 April 2012

Creativity, Innovation and You

We all have the ability to give and be our best yet we only shine on occasional moments in our life. Most of the time we are living and supporting somebody else’s dream and not giving one hundred percent of our energy to them nor to ourselves. This week I spoke with Marguerite Tonery, owner of Transflow Proformance about creativity. Marguerite  is an entrepreneur who created a new approach to developing creativity and innovation. Marguerite teaches this to businesses throughout Ireland.

To be creative is to come up with, develop or see something new; look from a different angle. Be yourself. It can be difficult to do this when you are confined to the rules of other peoples vision of life, but it's the creative people who shine because of their uniqueness and ability to tap into the creative zone within their given environment. We all have this ability. Marguerite shared with me how we can tap into that zone on a continued bases. 

Drop the Monkey business and be yourself. That's creativity.

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