Tuesday, 13 March 2012


Today I met with brother/sister team Mark and Claire McCole, world famous Irish dancing sensations who spoke to me about their achievements and why it’s so important to share your skills and pass on your knowledge with others.

If you look at our ancestors, they were experts in this. They’d pass wisdom down from generation to generation. There were no books or computers. All was word of mouth and all was with the intention to improve the skills and knowledge of the next generation. It was a human characteristic to give one’s learning to the person beside you. I believe we lost this to some degree, but it is coming back. People what to learn and as much as they love to learn people want to teach. Like Mark and Claire have done with the Irish dancing ask yourself what learning, teachings, talents or wisdom can you give, be it business tips and techniques, be it a skill or a hobby. There is a student and a teacher in all of us. In many ways this blog is my classroom. I am the student. I am the teacher. What or where is your classroom in this wonderful world?

Drop the Monkey Business and share your skill and knowledge

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