Thursday, 29 December 2011


How many times have you arranged a party, a business meeting, a workshop or simply to meet a few friends for a drink with an expectation of who will be there. Somebody doesn’t show and you give all you energy to them wondering why they didn't come. Remember, it’s the people at the table that count. If somebody doesn’t show up, don’t give them a second thought. Why they didn’t show is not important. Who did show up are the people who you need to talk with. The people who have your attention and who want to be in that place at that time. There are no excuses. If you need or want to be somewhere you will do everything to be there. If you give your attention to the people at the party as oppose to the people who didn’t make an effort your energy will flow without fail. It's the people on the boat that will reach the destination. If you spend your time thinking about the people back on the shore your focus will not be on the boat. Focus on the boat. Focus on the people on the boat and how they can help you reach your goal. Do this and the destination will come. If the seas are calm, fantastic. You'll reach your goal with ease. If the sea is rough, you'll still reach your destination with determination, effort and the people who showed up. Rough seas make great sailors. That can be applied to everything in your work and your life. Support the people who are there and they will support you.

Drop the monkey business and focus on those who are at the party and not on those who are missing in action. More success will come to you.

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