Monday, 26 December 2011


Do you know your colleagues by titles such as Bob, the accountant or Mary, the office manager? Do they know you by your title; John, the boss or William who works in the mailroom. Do you know the person outside the title? Most of us don’t know each other too well in the workplace. We lose the opportunity to build stronger connections, trust, and improved output. Imagine the person who works as a receptionist is considered average or below average. Outside the workplace the receptionist partakes in rock climbing activities where they are miles above average. They are inspired and inspiring when talking about their hobby. They put one hundred percent into every second and every movement. They plan two steps ahead while focusing on their present step. They know exactly where they are going. They have all the tools to reach their destination successfully and nothing and nobody will distract them. The passion and energy that they put into the rock climbing is one hundred times more then what they put into the job they do. The job which pays for the hobby! This is the case for most people. Why do most employers find it difficult to get the maximum productivity from workers? They know the title of each worker and the workers know the title of each other . They may even know about each others passions outside the workplace, but in order to truly connect with staff within an organization no matter what your position you need to look outside their title. You need to look outside their hobbies. Look at the energy they put into what they love. That is who they really are. When communicating with others connect with the energy where it is the best. Don’t connect with the receptionist who answers the phone, connect with the rock climber and you will know and work with a world class receptionist.

Drop the monkey business and connect with your work colleagues where their energy is best.

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