Saturday, 31 December 2011


Be it you want stop smoking, lose weight, change careers, build a better business, start something new, or end something bad, we all make new year’s resolutions year in and year out. One year later most of us return to make the same resolution, pretending that the last time out didn’t count or even happen. The fire in these self promises lose their spark as fast as they come to one’s mind. Resolutions are all about goal setting. Goal setting is about making decisions and sticking to them. For example: If today you were to buy an airline ticket to fly to Barcelona, you will make sure you are on that plane. When you’re on that plane there is no turning back. You are going to Barcelona. You may not like the smell of the person beside you. There might be some turbulence; maybe you have a fear of flying. It doesn’t matter. You made a decision to go. You will do what it takes and put up with unpleasantness. You are focus on where you are going and you will get there. It’s the same frame of mind you need to tap into if you want success with you resolution. Buy the ticket for the goal you want to achieve. Get on that plane and arrive at your destination. Make the decision. Nobody wants to be left behind in the airport.  How can you achieve your new year’s resolution?  Firstly, change the words. Call it an ‘all year resolution’. It’s not just for the New Year. That's why most of us fail. Once the New Year is over we forget about our resolutions. You have to think: it’s from this point forward. Then, change the word resolution to revolution, self revolution. The word revolution doesn’t always mean uprising or war. John Lennon promoted the revolution of love and peace. A resolution is an idea, a promise of a self contract, which in the case of a New Year’s resolution is easily broken. A revolution, on the other hand, is an action, act to bring change. Write down your goal, stick on your wall and look at it daily. Want it. Really want it. Update your progress on a weekly base. Like all great revolutionaries, when you reach your goal help others to reach theirs.

Drop themonkey business and make an ‘all year round self revolution’. It could be the best decision you ever make.

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