Wednesday, 28 December 2011


When my wife gave birth to our second child I summed it up in three words. It was beautiful, real and joyful. I pondered about the world and the day to day goings on of business and life. I thought that’s exactly how it should be: beautiful, real and joyful. Look at the Women who give birth. They prepare for a final result; the birth. They know the time limit; nine months. They go into labour; work hard. They have control by breathing deeply. They overcome and face great pain; they scream. They love the end result before they see it; belief, trust and knowing. At the end of all that they have something beautiful, real and joyful. So if we take these simple steps, maybe we can be successful if we relate them to our goals and dreams in business and in life.

Drop the monkey business and look at the business of childbirth for inspiration. Put preparation, a deadline, the hard work, the control, the pain, and the faith all into where you most want to succeed and you more than likely will.

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